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Event produced by @admpEvents . . Event: The 7th Annual National Multiple Sclerosis Society Charity Red Carpet Wine Tasting Event. Raising our glasses to raise awareness. . . Clie

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Star Khechara is a Passive Income Business Strategist & Ecourse Expert. She is also a published author, founder of an international skincare formulation school and creator of the amazing 5-week program: Ecourse Bootcamp. Star is an avid traveller, adventurer, skater and hoola hooper (and certified online biz geek!). She puts the fun into funds!

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The event was inspired by the Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy which has traveled to Europe, China and Mexico over the past 12 months training top international athletes.

the Hall of Fame Academy has trained young football players from 12 countries on playing football with respect and learning the values of the game.

The week leading.

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