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AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. $497 for the entire course, with a 30-day trial of $99.25 @AWAI_Online; AWAI’s six-figure copywriting program is ideal for beginners looking to create a career in copywriting for themselves. It’s a completely self guided program. So you can move through ASAP.

1000th Post: Resources for New Copywriters.

Copywriter's Business Booster # 1.

Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting

A Copywriter’s Bookshelf Essentials ―Scientific Advertising‖ by Claude Hopkins– This is the granddaddy of all ―how-to‖ books on writing advertising. It‘s also a lean, easy read with very direct advice on how to write copy that sells.

Masters Program V3.0 – The Masters Program For Six-figure Copywriting Full Version Right now, two major programs—one headed by NASA and one by Darpa—are aiming to create such servicing satellites. But the complications are not just technical. The kinds of satellites that can sidle up to another orbiter and give it new life could also, technically, scoot up and end its life. [2019] Dallas Mcmillan & Carradean

The Copywriter’s Crucible – Matt Ambrose writes detailed posts on all things copy, from SEO copywriting to website conversion, video copywriting, persuasion, and email marketing. 29. ABC Copywriting – Tutorials, articles, and courses on how to improve your copywriting skills (with a focus on web copy). 30.